Rotary Woodwind/Brass Training Systems

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The dxdt Rotary Fingering Chart System is ideal for beginning and intermediate students as well as teachers. Individuals can purchase small quantities of our products through our Amazon pages. Schools, band programs and individuals can inquire about special bulk pricing directly from dxdt using our Contact Us page.

This system is a great improvement over paper woodwind fingering charts. It is durable, easy to use, versatile and it eliminates fumbling across multiple sheets and books to find a note. This tool provides an unambiguous and large view of the finger stations in a smaller form factor than a conventional chart can. This translates to better readability under any conditions.

See dxdt rotary fingering charts featured in Clarineat's video from 2016 Midwest Clinic (interview starts at minute 7:00).

The unique rotary design of dxdt's Rotary Fingering Chart System makes it ideally suited for use as a key transposition aid. Simply aim the main pointer to the key of the piece you wish to transpose and place a piece of tape or an erasable mark on your destination key. Now whenever the main pointer is directed to a note in your piece to be transposed, the transposed note will be pointed to by the temporary marker. For a printable guide click here: Transposing with the Rotary Fingering Charts

The fingering charts can also be used to familiarize yourself with the circle of fifths. To see the next three fifths in the cycle after any note find the fingering for it and then look for the "1/5", "2/5" and "3/5" markers to see the beginning of the cycle.

Click on the images below to purchase a dxdt Rotary Fingering Chart at Amazon. Music schools and band programs should contact dxdt Music Products directly to learn of special offers and how the system can support fundraising efforts.

Saxophone Fingering Calculator

Tenor Sax Rotary fingering chart includes the circle of fifths for learning key signatures quickly.

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Clarinet Fingering Calculator

All dxdt rotary fingering charts include up to one alternate fingering and can be used to transpose music to concert pitch.

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Flute Fingering Calculator

dxdt rotary fingering charts belong in classrooms and music notebooks. Buy one today through Amazon or contact one of our retailers or distributors.

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Flute Trill Calculator

Rotary flute trill chart ideal for beginners and intermediate players alike. Never have trouble with a trill again.

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Recorder Fingering Calculator

Learning to play recorder? Try using the recorder chart to help you with the fingerings.

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